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Flexible solutions for businesses looking for a for a non-flammable solution to safeguard their products, operations, and employees.

Mould remediation and disinfection solutions that also control bacteria and viruses. Busy offices and factories rely on their key workers and equipment. Downtime through sickness and equipment failure can have a massive impact. Unhealthy, mouldy buildings have higher maintenance costs, negatively impact staff health & morale, resulting in reduced output.

RBT’s Protectus products offer effective surface and air disinfection for up to 24 hours, with up to 99.999% effectiveness against various pathogens. These products are suitable for a variety of facility sizes, from small workshops to large manufacturing plants or office buildings, without causing damage to machinery, infrastructure, or personnel.

Compatible: Some alcohol-based chemicals and other harsh disinfectants can corrode and degrade sensitive equipment and hard surfaces. We have extensively tested our water-based disinfectants on sensitive medical equipment and a variety of hard surfaces; demonstrating that they are non-corrosive.

Mould Remediation: Improving mould inhibition and indoor air quality with proven products and protocols to eradicate mould and improve odours in problematic buildings. Combatting sick building syndrome improves staff wellbeing and protects infrastructure from the damage that mould can cause. Applied as a dry mist by automated systems, our solutions disinfect both the air and surfaces inside buildings.

Increased Productivity: After applying our taint-free and food safe formulations, rinsing is not necessary. This eliminates the need for a final rinse in disinfection protocols, saving time and reducing downtime. Localised dry misting solutions effectively disinfect hard-to-reach areas while widespread misting and fogging solutions are ideal for sanitising larger areas between shifts.

Efficient: Our products not only provide high effectiveness, but also offer cost savings. With concentrate formulations allowing on-site dilution and cheaper transportation costs, while ready-to-use products providing convenience. Additionally, the water-based formulations have less stringent storage requirements and no increased fire risks.

Handrubs: Our Handrub formulations have been tested as 99.999% effective against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. Our handrub residual efficacy lasts for up to four hours on hands and have been independently tested and demonstrated to be suitable for sensitive skin.

Businesses that will benefit from our Products

  • Facilities Management
  • Construction
  • Alcohol Sensitive Components
  • Wood, Paper and MDF
  • Mining Operations
  • Offices
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Fogging & Misting Services
  • Airconditioning Services
  • Call Centres
  • Commercial Offices
  • Manufacturing Laboratories
  • Archiving Services
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Petrochemicals
  • Electronics Operations
  • Public Buildings

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Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

RBT is the finalist for the prestigious Med-Tech sustainability award for our Protectus Eco-wipes. A fully biodegradable combination of disinfectant and wipe.