What is Aqua?

Protectus Aqua™ is a water preservative that keeps animal drinking water in peak condition to promote gut health while simultaneously removing biofilm and algae allowing them to keep drinking lines clear.

  • Automated dosing ensures consistent and reliable application to water lines.
  • Taste and pH of treated water is not affected.
  • Maintains low microbial load in drinking systems to support the efficacy of vaccinations.
  • Removes biofilm and algae, stopping lines and drinking nipples clogging up.

More information about this exciting and innovative new product coming here soon. In the meantime, reach out to us if you want to find out more.

Our disruptive technologies are highly effective yet kind to the environment.

Dr. Gracy Sailo-Lebeau

Director of Technical Projects and head of R&D

Tailored Products

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RBT is the finalist for the prestigious Med-Tech sustainability award for our Protectus Eco-wipes. A fully biodegradable combination of disinfectant and wipe.