Protectus Viridis Family

Protectus Viridis ™ is formulated using approved biocides and REACH registered surfactants that interact synergistically, resulting in an environmentally responsible, water-based disinfectant.

Proven efficacy against bacteria, enveloped viruses and yeasts. Food-safe and alcohol-free disinfectant, suitable for use in professional and domestic applications.

What is Viridis?

Protectus Viridis is made out of 4 powerful ingredients.

Active + Organic Acids + Surfactant + Water



Our unique Viridis formulation enhances the efficacy of this active ingredient making it a powerful disinfectant. The main active ingredient is commonly used as preservative in leave-on cosmetics.

Board Spectrum

Organic Acids

Our exclusive combination of organic acids comply with the relevant regulations and function as pH regulators, further enhancing our long lasting chemical stability.



Viridis uses a readily biodegradable amphoteric surfactant to help stabilise the formulation and deliver the active substance to the targeted pathogens.

Viridis Molecule

Anti-bacterial mechanism

Protectus Viridis is 99.9999% effective against bacteria, such as MRSA and E.coli.

Main target

  • Partially dissolves cell membrane.
  • Viridis increases the acidity and the cell is forced to expend energy correcting it.
  • Inside the cells, DNA replication is inhibited and highly reactive oxides form, causing cell death.

Source: Corbion

Anti-viral mechanism

Protectus Viridis™️ is 99.999% effective against all enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses. We have also proven its efficacy against specific non-enveloped viruses such as Norovirus.​

Main Target

  • Organic acids bind to viral envelope and prevent infection of cells.
  • Proteins and lipids in the capsid are inactivated.
  • Enveloped viruses are vulnerable to acidic conditions, denaturing them.

Protectus Viridis has been tested in independent accredited laboratories to a range of international standards and against various organisms as shown on our efficacy data and brochure.

Our disruptive technologies are highly effective yet kind to the environment.

Dr. Gracy Sailo-Lebeau

Director of Technical Projects and head of R&D

Tailored Products

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RBT is the finalist for the prestigious Med-Tech sustainability award for our Protectus Eco-wipes. A fully biodegradable combination of disinfectant and wipe.