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RBT24|7 Concentrate; the premier choice for effectively tackling surface contamination on artificial grass and hard surfaces, including sports facilities. Engineered to eliminate algae, fungi, and bacteria on external surfaces, RBT24|7 Concentrate address various surface problems, such as fungal growth and slime, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

This powerful formulation destroys 99.999% of harmful microbes that cause diseases and infections. Its long-lasting microbial barrier continues to work for weeks or even months after application, reducing the persistent problems associated with algal growth across diverse applications.

Safety: Contaminated surfaces can become very slippery and dangerous for players, especially when contamination gets heavy enough for algae to start getting slimy. Slips and falls can cause a wide range of injuries ranging from abrasions and muscle strains through to broken bones.

Game performance: In addition to the risk of injury, contaminated surfaces can affect the bounce and roll of balls which interferes with gameplay. Player performance is also impacted by the worry of slipping and the unpredictability of ball movement.

Protect your investment: Algae and fungi can affect the overall life of your artificial sports surfaces and in addition to looking unpleasant, can impact on drainage. Making RBT Concentrate part of your regular maintenance schedule can help prolong the lifespan and protect the investment that you have made. With a neutral pH, RBT24|7 Concentrate is gentle on your sports surfaces, but tough on contaminants.

User-Friendly: With a water-based, non-flammable formulation, RBT24|7 Concentrate offer straightforward storage and dilution protocols, ensuring ease of use and reducing environmental impact.

RBT concentrate is ideal for use on many artificial surfaces:

  • Tennis Courts
  • 3G & 4G Pitches
  • Playgrounds
  • Paving
  • Timber Decking
  • Signage
  • Fencing
  • & Many More

Comprehensive Disinfection Solution for Tennis Courts with RBT24|7 Concentrate

The Problem: Algae thrives on artificial tennis courts which are often shaded by nearby trees, hedges, or grass banks. Over time, debris clogs the pore spaces on the playing surface, encouraging unwanted growth to generate. Growths such as algae are difficult to remove, and common maintenance practices like pressure washing can damage the surface. Frequent brushing can also exacerbate the problem by breaking up existing debris, allowing infiltration of finer debris, reducing drainage efficiency, and worsening algae growth. These issues can make the playing surface slippery and dangerous.

The Solution: RBT24|7 Concentrate provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining tennis courts. Regular application as part of a long-term maintenance strategy is essential. Effective maintenance includes addressing drainage, light, and shade issues, annual cleaning, and regular debris removal using a blower. Applying RBT24|7 to nearby fences and furniture enhances prevention.

The Protectus formula eliminates bacteria, fungi, and algae while creating a hostile micro-surface that deters re-establishment. Once dry, the product remains active, offering long-lasting protection.

The Result: Integrating RBT24|7 Concentrate into your maintenance regime ensures cleaner, safer playing surfaces. According to James Mead, Head Groundsman at Rugby School, “The proactive benefit of Protectus products across all sports is huge, and I feel we have finally solved our algae nightmare.” Regular use of Protectus significantly restricts opportunities algae to take hold, ensuring safer, more reliable playing surfaces for athletes.

5 Reasons to Use RBT24|7 Concentrate for Sports Surfaces

Moss or algae on a patio or path can make it slippery when wet; on a tarmac tennis court, it can mean the difference between safety and serious injury. Algae growth on synthetic grass tennis courts or hockey pitches can cause drainage failure, making its control crucial.

Moss on tarmac and artificial grass sports surfaces is easy to recognize. However, algae are more difficult to detect until they impact grip or drainage, making surfaces dangerous to play on or causing water to pool.

James Mead, Head Groundsman at Rugby School, believes RBT24|7 Concentrate have solved his algae nightmare for five key reasons:



Surfaces must remain usable and pristine all year round. James states, “When we store the rugby posts under trees after painting them with RBT24|7 Concentrate, they remain as good as new when we take them out again.”



Unlike general chemicals that may damage surfaces or pose health hazards, RBT24|7 Concentrate treat surfaces efficiently, reduce bacteria, are odourless, and allow quick reuse. “We’ve used it on all our artificial surfaces, PVC, canvas, perspex, galvanised posts, even wood,” says James.



Without regular cleaning, sediment buildup reduces grip, and equipment deteriorates faster. Using the wrong product can dissolve oils and damage surfaces. “Unless you use a maintenance program like RBT24|7 Concentrate, you’re reducing the lifespan of your pitch.”



With pitches costing between £200,000 and £750,000, maximizing their lifespan is crucial. A planned maintenance program can extend the life of investments by 5 years. “Spray anything that’s brand new with RBT24|7 Concentrate, and it stays brand new,” says James.


James has tried many products over the years but has relied on RBT24|7 Concentrate for over four years. A pitch can be treated in 30 minutes, and rugby posts, cricket boards, tennis netting, and dugouts are quick and easy to apply. “If we can just spray them, it’s much easier and a great time saver, reducing the need for repeated treatments.”

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RBT is the finalist for the prestigious Med-Tech sustainability award for our Protectus Eco-wipes. A fully biodegradable combination of disinfectant and wipe.