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Background and design of the study

This clinical study was designed to assess the potential for skin irritancy of Viridis Hand Disinfectant. The approach was designed to represent likely exposure to the skin when regularly using the product . The repeat open application test (ROAT) is a simple method of testing for allergic contact dermatitis (delayed-type allergy or type- 4 hypersensitivity reaction) and whether the reaction of the chemical on the skin is serious or not. ROAT is most useful when an individual has a 1 + reaction to a chemical found on leave-on consumer product such as hand sanitisers.


Summary of the test method

The product to be tested by open application is applied directly to a small area of skin (see test site below). The application is left for 1 hour on the skin and repeated over the next 3 days and the treated area observed to see whether contact dermatitis arises.


The product Protectus Viridis Hand Disinfectant is Dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for use on sensitive skin.